A retired Brooklyn homicide detective is forced to defend his legacy when he is accused of framing an innocent man in the case that made him a hero.


Early 1990s New York City was a dystopia of crime, drugs, and despair. And no one knew that better than Frankie Marella, who spent the better part of the decade cleaning up the streets of crack-era Brooklyn. The son of a legendary cop, Frankie soon became known as the Priest because, in his own words, he “racked up more confessions than the entire Arch friggin’ Diocese. But that’s a little hard to pronounce.”

Now, twenty years later, Frankie gets called in by Assistant District Attorney Jesus Ramirez to re-examine the confession he took in the case that made him a hero. Will Frankie succeed in protecting his legacy? Or will Ramirez get the Priest to confess?

Inspired by true events, Borough of Churches is a timely tale that invokes Sidney Lumet and Peter Shaffer, and is a commentary on everything from the nature of truth in a post-facts society to the interplay between truth, guilt, and confession. But above all, it asks us how we can ever find truth in the world if we can’t even be honest with ourselves.


Director Malik Bader

Writers Michael Richter and David Kukoff

Producers Irwin Winkler, Michael Richter, Charles Winkler, and James Shifren




Two rivals, a parapsychologist mourning the loss of his wife and his former mentor, now a debunker, investigate a small-town medium who claims she can speak with the dead. 


Set in the 1970s, The Black Room is a story about two rivals – Tom, a disgraced parapsychologist still mourning the loss of his wife, and Peter, his former mentor, now a professional debunker – who investigate a small-town medium who claims she can speak with the dead. Does she really have a gift? And does she know terrible truths about Tom’s marriage? Or is she yet another paranormal con-artist, exploiting one man’s grief and the other’s hunger for fame? 

The Black Room is a paranormal-horror film about marriage, deceit, and the constant intrusion of the past into the present.


Writers Grady Hendrix and Nicholas Rucka

Producers Jon Shestack, Michael Richter, and James Shifren